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Health & Pharma

TVadSync helps healthcare companies overcome common media placement challenges.

Our Partners

Top health and pharma data providers partner with TVadSync to ensure marketers reach their best customer


Go from Awareness to Conversion

The number of brand impressions (top of the funnel) is irrelevant unless they lead to new clients. TVadSync positions your product on top-quality media inventory to reach your core healthcare audience during their dedicated cross-screen time.

Access Your Target Audience

Digital campaigns only have high-impact when placed in front of the right audience and across display, online video, and CTV. TVadSync uses its Sync2Lift™ technology to locate, acquire, and impact hard-to-reach audience.

Safe and Authentic Product Placement

You have hand-crafted your brand image. Placing an ad anywhere just to get an impression can dilute your image or worse cause regulatory and compliance risks. TVadSync’s traffic quality team protects your brand image and controls where and how often your brand appears.

Accurately Measure Campaign Impact

How often are you asked, “What’s the ROI of your product advertising spend?” With our Sync2Lift™ technology you can confidently answer that question and decrease new client acquisition cost. You can also increase treatment refills.


Leveraging premium programmatic media and data to drive successful health campaigns

Major health and pharma brands recognize TVadSync as the company that can answer the questions no one else can

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