Brands & Agencies

TVadSync helps advertisers strengthen their bonds with their customers, and agencies to take their clients’ marketing into the future.

A Culture of Innovation

TVadSync helps advertisers leverage their TV spend by re-targeting to mobile devices owned by consumers who have seen the advertiser’s TV spot – or can help savvy brands conquest competitors whenever the latter’s TV ad is shown. In addition, we can give you the means to know exactly how TV advertising influences the conversions you’re after.

1st Party Data Collection

Unlocking the true power of 1st party customer data to identify fresh audiences most likely to convert into new customers

Audience Modeling

Proprietary audience modeling separates consumers into ‘taste communities’ based on themes, moods, and scenarios

Improve Marketing Performance

Pinpoints prospects, informs media, creative and content to improve marketing performance

Leveraging TV viewing data to create the first data-driven contextual targeting solution for CTV, Video and Display

Major brands recognize TVadSync as the company that can answer the questions no one else can

Agency Partners

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