Retarget TV advertising to

Cross Device advertising has come of age

Recapture TV Audience Attention

The new consumer now lives in a digital world, across multiple screens at any time. For advertisers, aiming to reach them on their TV alone is simply not sufficient anymore. Intelligent advertising now demands going beyond this, and this where TVadSync brings the ‘A game’. We empower advertisers to extend their reach past TV and tell their story across screens, to know exactly how their TV spend influences online behaviour, and to beat competitors to the punch by targeting specific TV content for concurrent digital campaigns.


Advertisers & Agencies

Leverage TV ad spend to increase the value of online advertising


TVadSync aggregates real time data from hundreds of broadcast TV channels and millions of connected televisions to find out where and when things are watched


TVadSync crunches big data to create insight into what is seen and what it means


TVadSync activates these insights to optimize online advertising campaigns with highly precise targeting