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Who’s glued to the Winter Olympics?

With the Winter Olympics in full swing, we decided to take a look at how people are tuning in across the US and which states are most engaged. On average, approximately 35% of US households have watched the games so far. On the whole it’s (unsurprisingly) been the chilly northern states that have found the games most engaging. Montana, North Dakota and Wisconsin have all tuned in at a rate of about 15% higher than the per capita nationwide average for example.

The southern states, however, haven’t shown a huge amount of interest with Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi in particular declaring a collective ‘Meh’. Arizona doesn’t seem bothered much either, with tune-in rates there over 21% less than the nationwide average.

Alaska has provided a bit of a an eyebrow-raiser, barely pushing above 1% higher than the mean. Hawaii, on the other hand, has found the games very gripping so far with tune-ins reaching almost 22% above typical rates. This could be down to several of factors including the closer timezone and large number of Korean-Americans in the state. Or maybe the sun-soaked folks in Honolulu are just fascinated with snow!

Check out the interactive map below for more details.

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