TV Attribution

Gain vital insights you need to optimize TV and digital advertising towards business outcomes

Enhance your insight

TVadSync enables advertisers to understand precisely how TV and digital media campaigns influence their customers.

For marketers buying television advertising, ACR TV data is a revolution. It brings television into the 21st century, putting it on a par with online media and gives you all the “business outcomes” analytical possibilities that come with that.

Make sure your campaigns benefit from a perfect knowledge of what’s working and why.

For broadcasters selling television media, we help create next-generation, alternative currency to sell airtime based on conversions, not just ratings — making television more relevant than ever. TVadSync sell-side attribution empowers TV media sales teams to win back the ad dollars going digital.



Location Visits

Recognize how campaigns performed in terms of driving visits to bricks-and-mortar stores.

In-Store Purchases

Clarify exactly how TV and cross-platform campaigns drive actual offline purchases.

Smart Tune-In Attribution

Measure the efficacy of TV and digital promotion of new shows, tent-pole events and schedule changes, with the smartest TV tune-in attribution analytics.




Increase installs of your apps and crystallize how TV and digital ads contribute to downloads.

Streaming Sources

Understand which streaming media sources are being used by viewers of OTT content, and which type are of the greatest value to you.

TV­-to­-Web Attribution Modeling

Understand the value of your TV and digital media investments by filtering out the noise with TVadSync’s fully deterministic data set.


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