TV Retarget + Sync

Combine the priming power of TV with the conversion opportunity of digital to drive perfect online campaigns

Power your online campaigns with TV's Halo Effect

With TV Retarget + Sync, brands fully harness the galvanizing power of TV exposure to maximize conversions and brand-building efforts online.

TVadSync enables advertisers to real-time target the digital devices of audiences exposed to specific TV content designed to prime. Machine-learning optimization means your online campaigns are constantly perfected.

With data from millions of TV households, TVadSync brings scale and reach previously unseen­­ and growing by the day.



Real-Time Retargeting

Deliver online ads to smartphones, tablets and laptops based on fully deterministic TV spot view signals.

Take advantage of TV’s priming power to drive online campaign performance, TV show tune-ins, app installs and a multitude of other conversion goals.

Competitor Conquesting

Exploit competitor TV media investment by targeting online advertising to audiences that have seen your competitors’ TV spots.

Delayed Retargeting

Target audiences on mobile the morning after TV campaigns with digital coupons or even location-based promotions.

TV Spot Frequency Thresholding

Apply thresholds on how many times a household should have seen a specific TV spot before commencing retargeting on second screen devices. Give yourself complete control.



Brand Piggybacking

Target online advertising to audiences who have seen TV spots from complementary brands.

Live and Time-Shifted TV

TVadSync’s TV-to-­digital retargeting breaks away from existing TV Sync offerings with ability to anonymously identify households that have seen a specific TV spot even, even from recorded, streaming and OTT video.

Superior Cross Device Targeting

Powered by the latest advances in cross­device “graph” technology, TVadSync can deliver online advertising to any and all devices in a household ­­smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and even smart watch.

Similar Audiences

Apply sophisticated lookalike modelling to extend reach to online users that show similar online behavioral and interest profiles.

Reverse Match

Target mobile devices in households who did not see your TV ad in order to make sure your message gets through.


What the industry is saying

If TV drives consumers into the funnel, digital accompanies them the rest of the way along the path to purchase.

Josh ChasinChief Research Officer, comScore

Advertising is more likely to be encoded in long-term memory if people encounter it in multiple media.

Manuel Garcia-GarciaSenior VP for Research and Innovation in Global Ad Effectiveness, Advertising Research Foundation