Smart Retarget

TVadSync is the evolution of video ad retargeting into TV ad retargeting. The Holy Grail of 360° marketing offering a direct link between high impact TV advertising and mobile. An instant backchannel for engagement and commerce. The right button in the right place at the right time

Smart Retarget Features

Publishers like Youtube and Facebook offer advertisers the ability to retarget users who have viewed their video ads with follow-on display and social advertising. And now you can do the same with television advertising – retarget digital advertising to television audiences that have seen your TV spot.

In partnership with the leading smart TV manufacturer in the US, TVadSync is able to anonymously target online audiences who have been exposed to specific TV spots.

With a universe of 10 million connected TV households, TVadSync brings scale and reach heretofore unseen­­ and growing by millions of households per year.



Real-Time Retargeting

Deliver online ads to smartphones, tablets and laptops based on fully deterministic TV spot view signals.

Maximise the power of call-to-action television advertising by delivering digital display advertising immediately after.

Delayed Retargeting

Target audiences on mobile the morning after TV campaign with digital coupons or even location-based promotions.

TV Spot Frequency Thresholding

Apply thresholds on how many times a household should have seen a specific TV spot before commencing retargeting on second screen devices.

Smart Tune-In Attribution

Measure the efficacy of TV and digital promotion of new shows, tent-pole events and schedule changes, with the smartest TV tune-in attribution analytics.



Live and Time-Shifted TV

TVadSync’s TV-to-­digital retargeting breaks away from existing TV Sync offerings with ability to anonymously identify households that have seen a specific TV spot even, even from recorded, streaming and OTT video.

Superior Cross Device Targeting

Powered by the latest advances in cross­device “graph” technology, TVadSync can deliver online advertising to any and all devices in a household ­­smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and even smart watch.

Similar Audiences

Apply sophisticated lookalike modelling to extend reach to online users that show similar online behavioral and interest profiles.

TV­-to­-Web Attribution Modeling

Understand the value of your TV media investments by filtering out the noise with TVadSync’s fully deterministic data set.


TV Retargeting Awesomeness

A Full Suite of TV Ad Retargeting Capabilities



Retarget audiences online who have seen your TV spots, sponsor stings, bumpers and idents.

Reinforce television advertising with follow­-on display, mobile and social online advertising, in real­time, in and out of home.

Telescope short­form television advertising with long­form digital video advertising, interactive rich media and request for information (RFI) formats.

Competitor Conquesting

Not running TV advertising? Exploit competitor TV media investment by targeting online advertising to audiences that have seen your competitors’ TV spots.

Brand Piggybacking

Retailers can now target online advertising to audiences who have seen TV spots from the brands in their online or offline catalogs.

For example when a BBQ manufacturer is advertising on television, a big box home wares retailer can target audiences online with ads specific to that BBQ product.


Product Placement

As brands increasingly invest in product placement, TVadSync offers the opportunity to target audiences that have seen specific scenes in TV shows and movies where the product placement occurred.

Whenever James Bond puts on a pair of sunglasses, sunglass manufacturers and retailers can target audiences with second screen advertising.

“Like TV” Reach Extension

Identify relevant audiences who have not seen your TV campaign and target video advertising to them at higher weighting to achieve your reach, frequency and share of voice targets.