Live TV Sync

With Live TV Sync, advertisers can trigger short bursts of online media buying from their own or competitor TV ad airings, in real time. Deliver relevant advertising to mobile phones and tablets, during and just after a TV ad airs.



Channel Coverage

USA: 127
Europe: 104
Latin America: 42
APAC: 214

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Live TV Sync

With Live TV Sync, advertisers can deliver short heavy bursts of online advertising in sync with their own or competitors’ TV ad airings.

Often referred to as “micro-­dayparting”, TV ad synchronization concentrates media spend into the key moments when audiences are exposed to lush, emotive broadcast TV advertising. Maximizing the power of tent­pole event marketing or hijacking a competitor’s big day out.

Our platform combines broadcast monitoring of hundreds of channels from around the world, automated content recognition (ACR) software with business logic and campaign management tools to create a real time stream of when TV ads air.

Advertisers can choose to sync their online media with their own TV advertisements, their competitors’ or even with TV ads for products that they sell in­store or online.

  • Brand Sync
  • Competitor Sync
  • Piggyback Sync

By displaying online advertising on consumers’ mobiles devices at key moments when they are exposed to a TV ad, TVadSync increases the effectiveness of online advertising by over 100% compared to traditional online campaigns – delivering greatly increased return on ad spend to advertisers.

  • TV broadcast monitoring, ad detection and analysis
  • Proprietary algorithms that sift through TV airing data
  •  TVadSync DSP: automated media buying across 50+ desktop and mobile exchanges
  • Campaign optimization by TV ratings, audience profiling
  • Comprehensive reporting on TV ad airings and online campaigns effectiveness