5 most interesting things in ad land right now

Here are a few things we found of interest – we think you will too.

5 charts: Forecasting the 2017 global ad market

As we approach the end of 2016, Digiday give the lowdown on the latest predictions for the global ad market in 2017. Some interesting takeaways:

  • Ad revenue in China still growing
  • Digital ad spend to surpass TV (driven largely by OTT content viewing, something TVadSync can leverage for our clients)
  • Mobile ad spend expanding – making engaging across multiple devices all the more important

Sports Predominantly Viewed Live, Some Time-Shifted Viewing

While some sports fans opt to watch time-shifted TV, most still love viewing their favourite sports events live. For advertisers, this means that being able to target ads to users at just the right moment (e.g. when the ‘right’ team wins!) is crucial. Have a look at the piece on Media Post.

What Amazon Go Means for the Future of Retail

Being able to walk into a store, take what you need and not have to queue? Sounds like heaven to us! But how will it shape what’s coming in retail? Check out the article above.

How Advertising Will Live on DirecTV Now, AT&T’s New Streaming TV Service

With AT&T introducing their DirecTV Now service, what will this mean for addressable advertising and the TV ad model in general? Click on the link and see Advertising Age’s take.

This investment bank presentation breaks down the complicated digital ad industry in 2016

Business Insider present LUMA’s great breakdown of the complicated and ever-evolving digital ad ecosystem as it is today, with details on its movers and shakers and high performers.

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TVadSync on The Innovation Show

Our CEO Ronan and co-founder Pieter were on The Innovation Show earlier this month. The show throws the spotlight on the best, brightest and most innovative companies around, and helps highlight how and why they’re bringing change to their industries.

Check out the podcast here.

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TVadSync’s European Launch of Smart Retarget

TVadSync’s launch of our European version of Smart Retarget was featured in MediaPost. This is a big step forward for European agencies and advertisers, who’ll now be able to reap the benefits our clients in the US have been. As our CEO Ronan put it:

“For 50 years TVs have not known what they’re showing. Now, thanks to ACR [automated content recognition] built into the set, the smart TV is becoming smarter. This is a tectonic shift for cross-screen advertising, being able to link ad media delivery across various screens in the home. …Pretty soon nearly all televisions will collect viewing data, similar to how the Web and apps do.”

Check out the article here.

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